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Life is a thing that happens even when I would really prefer that it back off and leave me some room to breathe. Also, I owe emails to everyone and cards to some and possibly even packages to a couple of you, and I am a terrible person because I know that I owe all of these things. I wrote this post instead.

In my defense—yeah, there's not really a good defense here. I'm just not a fantastic person to keep around, if what you're looking for is sustained attention or anything approaching dependability. I like to think that my witty comebacks and enormous rack help to make up for that, but maybe not.

So. Blanket apology, and then sparkly handwaving distractions in the form of youtube links to some stuff I think is neat? Business as usual.

American Idol, guys. Do you know about this show? And about this season?Collapse )

Harry Connick Jr, folks. Here, have some highlights.

And by some, I mean a whole bunch.Collapse )

So if you're wondering why he has no patience for people who do nothing but trill the same set of notes and act like they've invented sliced bread whenever they manage to change keys? It would be music like that.

If you're wondering whether I have all of his albums? And if two of them are on cassettes, which no longer play because when I started listening to them music was a thing that could wear out? Um. Maybe. That could be true. (Really, you're all lucky you've managed to avoid this post before. I just didn't have a good enough reason to drag you all into this stuff. Now I do, and everyone wins.)


There's a rumor, though, that other people do not watch American Idol because a quarter century ago they already knew too much about "Basin Street Blues" and German anti-aircraft tactics. These people, I'm told, have thoughts about the contestants.

My thoughts are often about how much I wish the contestants would trip and fall into the audience, thereby leaving more time for banter and solos by the judges, but I do find the following remaining singers either adorable or talented. Sometimes even both.

And so I've brought some links to things that they sang before American Idol, with the assumption that you're all fully capable of finding the new footage should you be so inclined.

More links, in alphabetical order because I really don"t feel like ranking them.Collapse )


This post is getting insanely long, and I'm beginning to regret starting it. Still, some other stuff I'm listening to these days:

On heavy rotation, for reasons of TOTAL AWESOME.Collapse )

Now for a quick spin through the rest of my current playlist (armchair psychology is always a bad idea. But let me know if you figure it out, I guess).

Seriously, in no fucking order at all. Welcome to my subconscious, and my current playlist.Collapse )

Dear Yuletide Author:

And by this week, I obviously meant "sometime the weekend after next." Time management is simply not part of my skill set.

Still. A letter! First, links to my previous letters:

2007-2012Collapse )

And then, some really very optional details and thoughts.

YOOOOOOOOLLLLTIIIIIIIIDE. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and you're the most wonderful author for writing a gift for me. Doesn't matter what you write or which characters you include, I will love it and read it and call it George.

More.Collapse )

Caveat: I have only one line, and it is located firmly in the space of no underage sex. None.

Any other lines I may have had have fallen prey to the shifting space that is fannish interpretation. Beyond that one thing, your options are limitless and I will love what you find to tell me about these works.

Want more detail? Really? Well, okay.Collapse )
Feel free to ask me about any of these in the comments. No, really, you should ask. Then I can tell you about how wonderful they are, and convince you to read/watch/discuss them all with me.

Nominations!Collapse )

Running shoes? Yep.

Cut for those of you who don"t think running when not being chased by aliens and/or angry lions is time well spentCollapse )

* "This heel feels a little odd," I thought to myself. I pulled my shoe off to check for a pebble or something. "I wonder if it--" and then the entire thing came off in my hand. I don't think that's supposed to happen.

** I don't understand sockless running. I won't even wear flats without shoe liners; why would I want to sweat all over my running shoes and then stick my bare feet back in them, day after day? I'm sorry, I don't care how much more natural it's supposed to be, that just sounds gross.

*** If you don't learn an acceptable gait, the Skechers people come to your house and beat you over the head with the original Go Run design until you swear to take up Prancercise instead. Trufax.

**** You think I'm exaggerating. I'm not. My natural form is something like a cross between a drunken clown and a tantrum-throwing two-year-old. I once tripped myself and skidded backwards off a hotel treadmill. I have been known to lose track of my limbs and accidentally punch myself in the face.

***** Necessitating a new playlist. I am, thanks to half a decade of marching band, unable to move my feet against the beat of a song, and so now my current one has to go. Before I manage to give myself a heart attack trying to match it to my footfalls.

****** Never mind why. Let's just all agree not to speak of the demise of my former equipment, or the spinning panicked flailing at a horsefly that immediately preceded it.
I've tried, I really have, but the posts are so short on facebook plus my entire family is there watching me and that's stressful. Tumblr is nothing but exclamation points, gifsets, and apoplectic fury. Twitter is...twitter. I love it, but I'm really a longform sort of girl, and there are days when the twittering makes me want to shoot that little blue bird in the head.

I also tried NOT being on the internet, but that made me twitchier than usual. Which is a high bar to clear.

I have a Thing percolating about introversion and performativity in social relations, but this is not that post. This post isn't nearly that highbrow, but it does have links to some awesome things.

And so, a fairly random update of recent life-ishness.Collapse )

10. In conclusion, I've managed to procrastinate for almost an hour on this post. Back to the grind. I suppose. If I must. (I'm kidding. There is nothing I find more interesting than my actual, you know, research. It's just that there's so much reeeeeeeading involved.)

* He directed "Oceanside," for which there's a link on the VT Kickstarter. I have a lot of thoughts about that song, and that video, for perhaps the obvious reasons.

Also, this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJapCQLlQSk (Oh, my HEART. Go, go, go. Watch. Best vacation video ever, I promise. It doesn't matter if it's sincere or ironic, because Postmodernism. Also, see #8 above.)

Jun. 2nd, 2013

Right now, I have thoughts on JARVIS and the way that Tony would have no interest in passing the Turing test; he originally built a fully rational, learning AI and only added a voice program with an inhibitor switch when it turned out that other people freaked out at the result.

Even then, it wasn't that he cared about mimicry of human behavior. He just got tired of cleaning dropped coffee and sandwiches and paperwork out of the floor vents in the lab. Also, eight assistants in a row quit while sobbing uncontrollably, and that looked bad in the quarterly reports.

Conclusion? Cognitive modeling: not a thing in which Tony Stark has any sort of consistent interest. But he fakes it well.

(What, other people don't spend the morning reading AI textbooks? It's a really GOOD textbook. There are exercises and quotations and an entire section on ontological engineering. Plus the theories on artificial neural networks are NEAT.)

I don't remember what the original intent of that little anecdote was, beyond a segue to me complaining about fandom and the perils of uninformed ficcing that can be boiled down to, "if you are writing characters who have specialized knowledge, please do some fucking research." Which is neither new nor interesting, so it's just as well that it took me five paragraphs to get to it.


Oh. My actual point, if I had one, was the following: so far this weekend I've managed to demonstrate that I am neither a good person nor a kind one, and so to distract myself from the looming realization that I'm not terribly useful, either, I've decided to take prompts until I wander off to read some more social epidemiology assignments.

Fandoms are as usual, although I haven't done this in a while, so I guess I'll reserve the right to ask for a new prompt if necessary. Anything you've been hoping to read but can't find? I'll see what I can do. Otherwise, I'm going to have to go finish cleaning out my filing cabinet, and I'm really trying to avoid that if at all possible.

How did it get so late in the year?

So Memorial Day has rolled around again, and because Sansets is off vacationing until next weekend (well, about to be off vacationing after being graduated) I'm hosting this year's semi-annual paratrooper drop and game night with optional movie marathon.

(That sounded way cooler in my head.)

Right. Next Sunday afternoon until Monday-ish, with food and alcohol and games and mixers and this year's movie theme: Drag Queens and Crossdressing. Comment or email if you're coming so that I get enough food, and feel free to email if you need directions to get here!

I have a list of movies, but if anyone has additional titles feel free to bring them along--I know I'm missing some of the classics, because twitter has told me so.

what we already have, some of which are a bit of a stretchCollapse )

I probably forgot some, so if you think I have a movie and didn't list it, the comments are open.

ps. S tells me that I should mention that we have Cards against Humanity and the expansion packs. (Well, all except the Christmas one). I wasn't sure why that would entice people to show up, and then I thought about this group and suddenly I understood.

Watch this space.

Prompt fills in the comments, as soon as the credits start to roll.

(For now, it's copy-paste time from twitter. Feel free to chime in directly!)

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